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Starting a business can be a daunting experience

Starting out you have an idea, a proposal, a product or a service to sell… It starts as an idea written on the back of a beer mat in a pub somewhere and before you know it you've quit your job and set up your company.

But now what? What systems do you choose, how do you wear several "hats" at once? Did someone mention regulations and insurance? You're on your own. Well you needn't be. Let me manage your virtual office and let you get on with creating and building the business.

Is your business already established? No longer keeping on top of emails? Your customer service taken a nose dive? Too many enquiries and not enough hours in the day?

Just from email management alone on average I save my clients 10 hours a week! That's 520 hours a year; equivalent to a whopping 65 days a year. How much more business could you do if I gave you back 65 days?

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Email Management

Emails managed daily with a summary at the end of each working day.

Diary Management

Manage your diary, liaise with colleagues or clients to set up meetings at the optimum time for you or your clients. Maximise the use of your time so you can work more effectively.

Bookkeeping and Invoice Management

There’s a box or folder of receipts in everyone’s office. Let’s get them organised, filed and processed. Lost track of your invoices? Let’s get a system in place so that your lost invoices don’t equal lost money.

Project Management

For an additional pair of hands on a crucial project, I can liaise with the different parties involved. Provide an independent viewpoint and deliver administrative assistance to ensure that your project meets key deadlines and completes without a hitch.

Arranging Appointments

Be it temporary or permanent an Office Manager can help a company grow. By ensuring the back office is taken of and processes are in place your business can become a fully functioning hive of industry.

Planning of Time Away for Work

Needing someone to manage this or that or get something done? Then what was once considered a luxury or something only bigger companies could afford is now within the realms of possibility for smaller companies and individuals who just want someone to take the pressure off and manage their day to day activities.

But that's not all - get in touch to find out what else we can do to help you.

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