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New Beginnings

February 1, 2019

So here it is the updated, swanky new website.

So, whilst I didn’t go for a complete redesign the update freshens it up and brings the one-page design and turns it into five pages. I’m very happy with it.

It’s evolved as has my business. On that note I believe that is the key to survival in business, the ability to adapt and evolve.

My business reaches the grand old age of 7 in April this year. In that time, I have found the key to longevity is to adapt. I am always learning new skills and software or coming up with new ideas or ways in which to market myself.

Because of my willingness to learn clients will implement new software or services which I can then help them to implement. One of my clients launched an Alexa Skill for Amazon Alexa of which I had no knowledge of previously but because I was willing to learn, I underwent the necessary training and I was able to help implement this new service which then also added to my skillset. It was a win win situation for both of us.

As a business you also have to adapt with the ever-changing rules and regulations that ICO or HMRC or some such body throw at us. GDPR last year was enough to rock the very roots and foundations of us all. We did however adapt and survive by taking a common-sense approach. We are preparing to do it all again depending on which route the dreaded Brexit takes us.

It’s all a circle of change and refresh, a time of new beginnings and chapters ending. That’s what makes our stories so engaging, it’s about the where we’ve come from, where we are and where we’re heading.  

This is my second website in VAVelocity’s lifespan, a more mature website and the branding has been tweaked to reflect my business logo, still the black and greys but with the splash of teal to lighten the mood and make it “pop” Maybe that is a metaphor that my clients come to me in the midst of darkness and see me as a ray of light but maybe I am overthinking this!!

I want to make sure that you as visitors, clients, potential clients can see very clearly from my website what I can do, see my testimonials and invite you to get in touch to see how much of a difference I can make to your particular situation.

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New Beginnings

by Naomi Campbell time to read: 2 min