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Project Management

For an additional pair of hands on a crucial project, I can liaise with the different parties involved. Provide an independent viewpoint and deliver administrative assistance to ensure that your project meets key deadlines and completes without a hitch.

Arranging Appointments

Be it temporary or permanent an Office Manager can help a company grow. By ensuring the back office is taken of and processes are in place your business can become a fully functioning hive of industry.

Planning of Time Away for Work

Needing someone to manage this or that or get something done? Then what was once considered a luxury or something only bigger companies could afford is now within the realms of possibility for smaller companies and individuals who just want someone to take the pressure off and manage their day to day activities.

What else can you help us with, I hear you ask?

Are you finding that you’re just not getting things done?

Is your to-do list growing arms and legs?

Then there is an alternative. Whether you need one hour or more having that extra pair of hands can make a dramatic difference. As a PA with many years’ experience I can organise that family dinner, book your car in for a long overdue service, find that much needed bigger house or research the holiday you’ve been dreaming about.

Relax, it’s taken care of.

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